PDO Thread Lifts


The non-surgical alternative to a face lift.
Contour, lift and smooth with PDO threads.

PDO Thread Lifts
How it works:

The PDO thread lift uses safe, absorbable threads to lift, contour, and suspend loose skin in numerous areas of the body. These threads are made of biodegradable polymers called resorbable polydioxanone (PDA) sutures and are the same as used in heart surgeries. After the application of local anesthetic, a qualified professional will inject these threads just beneath the surface of your skin. This stimulates the production of collagen, which improves structural support in your skin. Your procedure may take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes depending on the area or areas treated. There is only minimal downtime involved, allowing you to resume your regular routine soon after your procedure. Your body should fully absorb the threads in three to six months.

What is a PDO Thread Lift

The PDO thread lift is one of the most effective ways to rejuvenate your looks without any surgical procedure. This minimally invasive process is designed to lift loose skin in a variety of areas, conferring a brighter and more youthful look. This procedure is commonly done in common areas of sag on the face, including the cheeks, jowls, neck, and the area around the eyes. The versatility of Eurothreads allows them to be used for various procedures such as facelifts, breast lifts, arm lifts, butt lifts, and skin tightening. The PDO thread is known to produce dramatic and highly satisfying results.

Who Should Do This

If you’re wanting a brow lift, a cat-eye, sharper lines, a more contoured/structured jawline or lift any sagging of the skin, a PDO Thread lift may be your best option.

PDO Smooth Threads
This varies based on your esthetic goals and the health of your skin. Joules Medspa offers the MediThreads, the gold standard in threads on the market with competitive pricing. See our blog that includes videos of special packaged pricing and learn more.
  • Temple Volume + Brow Lift: $549
  • Glabella: $549
  • Naso-labial Fold + Oral Commissure: $649
  • Lip Border: $549
  • Acne Scarring + Collagen Lift: $849
  • Full Face: $799
  • Sub-mental Chin Tightening + Fat Removal: $749
  • Neck Tightening + Permanent Fat Removal: $799
  • Neck Lines: $549
  • Décolletage: $599
  • Trigger Point Therapy: $249


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This is my favorite spa ever! Grace is amazing and caring. Her staff members are friendly and informative. Prices are reasonable and they care about you and your skin. So go check it out and leave with beautiful results.read more
Angela Nygard
Angela Nygard
13:11 24 Aug 18
Grace is an absolute master of her trade. This is the place to get the BEST Botox in the cities! Grace is very strategic and doesn't over use. It's all about the big picture here not about areas and units. It's about perfection. I can't say enough about this hidden gem in Apple Valley. It's worth the drive from far and wide.read more
Jacquelyn Schneider
Jacquelyn Schneider
15:07 24 Aug 18
Very satisfied with the services and results. The ladies here are very knowledgeable and friendly! They will make sure all your questions and concerns are addressed properly. I was so scared for my first peel but Diane is amazing! She made me feel comfortable and she told me what to expect days after the peel. I'll definitely be back!read more
Tina Sebourn
Tina Sebourn
01:22 24 Apr 18
Me and my daughter have been going here for years. We are VERY happy with the results. I have done more than just laser, I have done a lot of her face procedures and it has helped a lot. More than happy with Grace and her staff. They make you feel like a person not a number. Grace you are a great person and now a friend. No pressure and no sales pitch! She makes sure you are happy and goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy. She cares for her people and really cares. Thank you Grace you do a wonderful job! I would recommend everyone to go here. ☺☺read more
Monee E
Monee E
22:01 20 Mar 18



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