Skins Best Kept Secret Product

If you’re dealing with acne, ‘Maskne’, breakouts, dull and/or congested pores this blog will be very helpful in your skin healths journey!

Skins Best Kept Secret! … Mandelic Acid!

Skins Best Kept Secret! Mandelic Acid!

I’ll be sharing why it’s a staple and a game-changer for many skin concerns, how it works, and sharing my affordable skincare routine and a video link included.

Mandelic Acid: The Nonirritating AHA That Resurfaces Your Skin.

Skins Best Kept Secret! Mandelic Acid!

I have tried many medical-grade skincare lines since 1994 and I am most impressed with Lelexo. A privately-owned company that takes pride in the quality of its products and customer service. So let’s get into one of their stand out products…

Mandelic Acid

Skins Best Kept Secret! Mandelic Acid!


In general, people with sensitive or acneic skin who want an exfoliant that’s less harsh than traditional AHAs.
• Exfoliates: Mandelic acid is a chemical exfoliant, meaning it removes layers of debris through a reaction with the skin (rather than exfoliating via abrasive scrubs).
• Promotes cell turnover: By dissolving skin cells, mandelic acid works to increase cell turnover, reducing the look of skin damage or acne.

• Brightens skin: Exfoliated skin is bright skin and mandelic acid goes a step further, strengthening the skin so it stays bright with continued use.


Lelexo makes a mandelic acid face wash, facial scrub, 16% serum, 4%, and 10% mandelic acid toner all to be used at home.  I will start my patients at the 4% toner and once their skin is ready, they will go to the 10%. All can be used daily, with some patients two times a day. Lelexo also makes 32% peeling pads that can be used weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. All of which are available at Joules Medspa.

•  Formulated to effectively combat several skin conditions simultaneously. Mandelic acid contains anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, that exfoliate skin build-up, flush out impactions, improve texture, and lifts hyperpigmentation.  Pretty impressive right?
• This ingredient can be used year-round and safe for all skin tones.
In the treatment of acne, mandelic acid offers remarkable results with inflammatory comedonal, papular and pustular acne.
•  With its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties, Mandelic acid offers acne patients the ability to improve the condition and prevent further outbreaks. Mandelic acid can be used for all grades of acne, skin tones, and all ages.
•  With the exceptional anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties of Mandelic Acid, this toner suppresses bacteria, lifts hyperpigmentation, and encourages cellular reproduction.
**Interesting fact: Mandelic acid has been in the medical community for years. Mandelic acid has been used as an antibacterial for the treatment of urinary tract infections, it has also been consumed as an oral antibiotic.
•  Mandelic acid is used as an alpha-hydroxy acid. Studies show mandelic acid has a high success rate in the treatment of skin conditions such as Photoaging, Hyperpigmentation, and Acne.
•  Reversing the signs of aging, get rid of those pesky fine lines and wrinkles- use Mandelic acid! You will see improvement in days and fabulous results with continual use.
•  Mandelic acid also reduces skin irritation and erythema, that other AHAs often cause! So why go elsewhere?! Mandalic acid is where it is at!
And there’s more….
•  Hyperpigmentation. Melasma. Post-inflammatory.

Hyperpigmentation and Lentigines improve greatly with a combination of mandelic acid and Kocic acid. Get an even skin toned complexion with no adverse effects.

My Skincare Routine
Skins Best Kept Secret! Mandelic Acid!

Wipe face thoroughly with a witch hazel wipe, apply 4% or 10 % Mandelic acid toner, 1/2 dropper of mandelic acid serum, and a few drops of 24k gold serum around my eye tissue.

Wash skin with Lelexo mandelic acid scrub.

Dry face, apply 3/4 dropper mandelic acid 16% serum and 1/2 dropper of She Knows 24K serum on eye tissue.

Links Below:
Lelexo is a medical grade line. You can pick it up or have is mailed to you after instructions of use are given.
24k Gold Serum is available for online shipping or online ordering for in spa pick-up.

Lelexo 4% Toner

Author: Grace, owner of Joules Medspa 

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This is my favorite spa ever! Grace is amazing and caring. Her staff members are friendly and informative. Prices are reasonable and they care about you and your skin. So go check it out and leave with beautiful more
Angela Nygard
Angela Nygard
13:11 24 Aug 18
Grace is an absolute master of her trade. This is the place to get the BEST Botox in the cities! Grace is very strategic and doesn't over use. It's all about the big picture here not about areas and units. It's about perfection. I can't say enough about this hidden gem in Apple Valley. It's worth the drive from far and more
Jacquelyn Schneider
Jacquelyn Schneider
15:07 24 Aug 18
Very satisfied with the services and results. The ladies here are very knowledgeable and friendly! They will make sure all your questions and concerns are addressed properly. I was so scared for my first peel but Diane is amazing! She made me feel comfortable and she told me what to expect days after the peel. I'll definitely be back!read more
Tina Sebourn
Tina Sebourn
01:22 24 Apr 18
Me and my daughter have been going here for years. We are VERY happy with the results. I have done more than just laser, I have done a lot of her face procedures and it has helped a lot. More than happy with Grace and her staff. They make you feel like a person not a number. Grace you are a great person and now a friend. No pressure and no sales pitch! She makes sure you are happy and goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy. She cares for her people and really cares. Thank you Grace you do a wonderful job! I would recommend everyone to go here. ☺☺read more
Monee E
Monee E
22:01 20 Mar 18



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