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Laser hair removal is a permanent way to reduce dark hair on the face and body. This treatment is a process—and is not immediately rewarding. However, after the treatment sessions are completed—the majority of our clients are abundantly happy with their results and wish they has done it years earlier. Laser hair removal is one of the most convenient gifts you can give yourself. Laser hair removal is especially appreciated when on vacation and not struggling to shave with a cheap disposable razor in the hotel shower, or when your kids may surprise you with a spur of the moment "let's go swimming". Plus, no more razor burn that looks like something contagious in the bikini area...yuck...just smooth hair free skin!
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Please shave the area being treated prior to your session (no waxing, tweezing or using nair two weeks before first session or in-between appointments). Depending upon the area being treated, sessions will be spaced 4-8 weeks apart. This spacing conforms with the typical length of time between the antigen stage of hair growth cycles. Each treatment should be comfortable and very tolerable as each of our four laser hair removal lasers have cooling tip hand pieces. Ice can be applied after the treatment if needed, but we find that most of our clients don’t require it, and are perfectly fine to go about normal activities. It can take up to 10 days for all the hair that was affected by the treatment to work its way out of the hair follicle.

This may look like the hair is growing, just continue to shave to help the hair work its way out. Shaving is not necessary as the hair will work its way out on its own but may speed up the process so you can see your results from the treatment a little faster. (But please remember to shave before your next appointment) Remember that not all of the hair will fall out after each treatment. Laser hair removal lasers are primarily effective only on the hair in the antigen stage of hair growth and it is unlikely that all of the hair would be in the same stage of life during any one treatment.
Your bodies hormones and chemistry can and will affect your results, as well as number of treatments needed in each area. We have found that Men need more treatments than most women. Women receiving laser hair removal in the face and groin typically need more treatments than other body areas. Six is an industry standard package number but most people need more than six treatments in each area to achieve their desired result. There is no guarantee with laser hair removal that you will get the desired result even if you have dark hair. Most clients that are good candidates for this treatment are happy with their results after receiving 6-12 treatments in an area. Some people, even ideal candidates, may need more than 12 treatments. Ideal candidates will have light skin and black hair. We can treat all skin types safely as well as treat a variety of brown tones of hair. You will not be a good candidate for this treatment if you have light brown, blonde, ashy blonde, grey, white or red hair in the area you are seeking treatment. Some medications cannot be taken while you receive laser hair removal treatment. And some medications we need you to be off of for a period of time before you are treated. We do not treat anyone pregnant or breast feeding, with an active sun burn in the treatment area, with recent RetinA use or with a current spray or artificial tan in the treatment area. We do a complementary laser hair removal consultation appointment before the first treatment is scheduled to ensure we can safely and effectively treat you. Even with this consultation some ideal candidates do not respond well to laser hair removal and do not achieve the results they are seeking. Once again there is no guarantee with laser hair removal results. We will provide you with the best industry standard lasers and a thorough attention to detailed treatment during each appointment. Laser hair removal causes solar sensitivity and sun screen must be used between treatments. It is not advised for clients receiving laser hair removal to sun bathe or use tanning beds in between treatments. For clients that are prone to cold sores or genital herpes outbreak or carry the herpes virus, laser hair removal treatments can stimulate an outbreak in the treatment area. Please contact your medical doctor if you need to be on preventive medication. We do not treat anyone with an active outbreak of herpes or shingles. Please take some time to read the attached Laser hair removal pre and post care information as well as list of potential negative risks associated with receiving a laser hair removal treatment, so you are able to make a well-educated choice whether or not to enter into the process of laser hair removal. We will answer any questions and go over all information with you during your laser hair removal consultation. If you have purchased directly from us a package of 12 or more laser hair removal treatments in an area we will provide you with one complementary touch up in the area we treated.

Pricing does not include Gratuity or 2% Minnesota Care Tax (the answer is yes it is customary to leave gratuity for laser hair removal, even if you do not feel the need to leave gratuity you will still receive exceptional service).

Small Area Packages
/ starting
chin, upper lip, cheek, areolas, sideburns, ab strip
  • 1 Treatment for $79
Large Area Packages
lower or upper arm, shoulders, stomach, lower back, upper back, lower leg with knee, upper leg, brazilian, buttocks
  • 1 Treatment for $199


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This is my favorite spa ever! Grace is amazing and caring. Her staff members are friendly and informative. Prices are reasonable and they care about you and your skin. So go check it out and leave with beautiful more
Angela Nygard
Angela Nygard
13:11 24 Aug 18
Grace is an absolute master of her trade. This is the place to get the BEST Botox in the cities! Grace is very strategic and doesn't over use. It's all about the big picture here not about areas and units. It's about perfection. I can't say enough about this hidden gem in Apple Valley. It's worth the drive from far and more
Jacquelyn Schneider
Jacquelyn Schneider
15:07 24 Aug 18
Very satisfied with the services and results. The ladies here are very knowledgeable and friendly! They will make sure all your questions and concerns are addressed properly. I was so scared for my first peel but Diane is amazing! She made me feel comfortable and she told me what to expect days after the peel. I'll definitely be back!read more
Tina Sebourn
Tina Sebourn
01:22 24 Apr 18
Me and my daughter have been going here for years. We are VERY happy with the results. I have done more than just laser, I have done a lot of her face procedures and it has helped a lot. More than happy with Grace and her staff. They make you feel like a person not a number. Grace you are a great person and now a friend. No pressure and no sales pitch! She makes sure you are happy and goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy. She cares for her people and really cares. Thank you Grace you do a wonderful job! I would recommend everyone to go here. ☺☺read more
Monee E
Monee E
22:01 20 Mar 18



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