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Four Simple Steps for Our Clients Complete Satisfaction

Free Consultation
We meet with you and listen to what things may have lead you to us. We ask important questions so that we can really understand you and your needs and wants. We also make sure to manage your expectations to give you the most for your money.
Design a Custom Plan
After we listen to you we recommend some of the best services that can give you the results that you are looking for while still meeting your other expectations, like downtime and your pocket book.
You will then make your appointments and fulfill all of the aftercare instructions. Your plan might consist of one visit to ten visits. It depends on the person and the results they are searching for.
After following our Custom Treatment Plan, sit back and enjoy all the allure that comes from doing your part to feel fresh, beautiful and healthy.


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Depending on your condition, we work with you to create a custom plan that treats your problem areas.


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From acne to loose skin, we've got you covered.


Suffering from acne can be a huge physical and emotional struggle. The staff at Joules Medspa understands. With our deep knowledge of safe and effective treatments, we work with you to customize your acne treatment plan.
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Loose Skin

Has time taken a toll on your skin? Frustrated by stubborn cellulite or trouble spots like your thighs or abdomen? The aging process, heredity, sun exposure, and changes in body weight can cause skin to lose its elasticity. At Joules Medspa and Laser Center in Apple Valley, Minnesota, we use Cuteras skin tightening for the face and neck, and Viora Reaction skin tightening for the body with truly taut results!
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From Botox to IPL we have many treatments that will help you rid of fine lines or diminish deep wrinkles.
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