7 Habits You Should Be Doing Before 30!

Aging gracefully is the goal of hopeful, optimistic millennials everywhere, isn’t it? We’d like to look healthy, and damn good, as the decades go by. Well, as professionals tell us, the key to a beautiful complexion is daily care and smart prevention.

We get it: You already knew that! But, don’t you get confused about how exactly you should be “preventing” things? How can we implement new products into our routines without prompting clogged pores and acne? And, more importantly, at what point do we need to get Olivia-Pope levels of serious about fine lines, wrinkles, and hyper-pigmentation?

In our twenties or sooner many think “I’m too young for that kind of stuff” and although it’s tempting to believe your skin will stay exactly as it is now, it will likely show signs of aging soon, if it hasn’t begun to already. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wrinkles and all of the other tell-tale signs you’ve lived your life to the full, but if you’re someone who wants to keep your skin in great condition for as long as possible, your twenties are the time to lay down the groundwork. We laid out 7 skin care habits you should be doing before you’re 30. 

Did You Know While we’re born with an abundance of collagen in our skin, the body’s production of collagen slows in our mid-to-late 20’s and continues to slow down after age 30. From there, the collagen levels in our skin begin to drop by 1-2% each year. You’ll see a faster decline if you’re exposed to UV rays or cigarette smoke.  The loss of collagen to our skin loses structure, elasticity and firmness. No wonder we describe collagen as the key foundational protein for healthy, youthful-looking skin


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1. A Simple Skin Care Regimen 

Skin care doesn’t have to be complex. And often times when we make it that way we are spending a lot of money on skincare products that are being counter productive. Keep things simple. 

Use a gentle cleanser and a light moisturizer. I recommend SKINCEUTICALS GENTLE CLEANSER CREAM to my patients. For moisturizing, a light moisturizer with antioxidants will help prevent free radical damage.


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2. Stop Tanning

If women in their twenties want to prevent wrinkles before they start, they need to stop tanning. Photo-damage, AKA tanning, is the main cause of premature aging. 


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3. Wear SPF Daily

So many think they only need to apply this if they are going to the pool or beach. But the worst damage comes from driving and everyday errands.  As women approach the age of 30, they begin to see the effects of sun damage. Uneven skin tone, age spots, and hyper-pigmentation become visible on the surface of the skin. While the sun can be a factor, so are culprits like hormone imbalances, birth control pills, and the over-use of exfoliation products. Daily SPF is the most important skin care habit to get into and the younger the better because sun damage is cumulative and adds up over time. It is much easier to prevent than to repair.


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4. Chemical Peels, Hydrafacials & Laser Treatments

The Hydrafacial is great for all ages. If you can, we recommend starting there. Essentially, it’s a deep cleanse. The system cleans deeper than we can ever do at home. Plus it keeps your skin hydrated. Dehydrated skin wrinkles several times  faster. As far [as] mini procedures are concerned, mild chemical peels and laser treatments help. Generally, I wouldn’t recommend procedures to 25 and younger unless they already have photodamaged skin or have acne. These treatments are usually more about repair of sun damage than about prevention.


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Our skin takes longer to repair itself as we age. No longer can we drop into bed without removing our makeup and not expect our skin to look dehydrated. Our skin does most of its internal repair while we sleep, so… Always remove your makeup at night. 


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6. Begin Using A Serum Containing Hyaluronic Acid

Use serums containing Hyaluronic Acid under your moisturizer. Your skin produces Hyaluronic Acid to give skin its water absorption ability and gives skin its suppleness. Apply a Hyaluronic Acid product under your day cream to prevent trans-epidermal water loss and to help protect your skin from daily pollutants.

7. Use a Retinol Booster

Using retinol is an absolute must in your arsenal against premature aging skin. Retinol (Vitamin A) helps to rebuild the surface of your skin and build collagen to help decrease the size and depth of wrinkles. For top choices visit here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.elle.com/beauty/makeup-skin-care/tips/gmp12/best-retinol-products/ Retinol, retinol a, skincare products, skin booster, collagen, collagen booster, morning skincare routine, night time skincare routine, wrinkles, fine lines, premature aging  , best skin tips, twenty something skincare, vitamin a, skin enhancer, collagen boost, age later, skincare blog, aesthetic blog, dermatologist skin tip


Once you hit your late 20s, some people might start to see the early signs of damage and want to be more aggressive in treating it. There are a lot of amazing acids to use at home and certain treatments that are unique to your skin. It’s always best to consult with a professional so you get optimal results. In our visits at Joules we not only treat your issues we also educate. 

For a consultation or appointment please contact Joules Medspa & Laser Center. 


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